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Slave No More, A

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A Slave No More Slave narratives, some of the most powerful records of the past, are extremely rare, with only 55 post-Civil War narratives surviving. Now two newly uncovered narratives, and the biographies of the men who wrote them, join that exclusive group.

A Slave No More

Pub Date : 2009-01-15 | Author : David W. Blight | Publisher : HMH

ISBN 10 : 9780156035484
ISBN 13 : 0156035480

The newly discovered slave narratives of John Washington and Wallace Turnage—and their harrowing and empowering journey to emancipation. Slave narratives, among the most powerful..

Slaves No More

Pub Date : 1992-11-27 | Author : Ira Berlin | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN 10 : 0521436923
ISBN 13 : 9780521436922

The three essays in this volume present an introduction to history of the emancipation of the slaves during the Civil War. The first essay traces the destruction of slavery by disc..

Diet Slave No More

Pub Date : 2016-09-07 | Author : Svetlana Kogan, | Publisher : Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

ISBN 10 : 0692753079
ISBN 13 : 9780692753071

Hundreds of diet books have been written on the subject of weight loss. Perhaps you thought this was one of them? No, this is not a diet book! In fact, it defies all the existing d..

No More

Pub Date : 2002 | Author : Doreen Rappaport | Publisher : Candlewick Press

ISBN 10 : 0763609846
ISBN 13 : 9780763609849

Combines first-person historical accounts, traditional black spirituals, and passages about the daily lives of slaves to provide a chronicle of slavery in America...


Pub Date : 2009-09-15 | Author : Jean-Robert Cadet | Publisher : University of Texas Press

ISBN 10 : 9780292783478
ISBN 13 : 0292783477

African slaves in Haiti emancipated themselves from French rule in 1804 and created the first independent black republic in the Western Hemisphere. But they reinstituted slavery fo..

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